Language training during the Christmas vacations During the Christmas period we can do a language training in German or English which we can entirely adapt to your individual needs. - We can work through those parts of the grammar which have always been a problem for you. - We brush up your skills in general communication. - You are invited to a job interview and still feel rather insecure. - Your childrenĀ“s school results are not exactly what you expected and the next school reports are not far. - You are planning a holiday or a business trip to a foreign country and need more basic knowledge regarding the language. - You simply want to use the free time to do something decent such as improving your language skills or refresh something you learnt a long time ago. In these or other cases we can work out a plan for an individual language training. Efficient and inexpensive, taking into consideration your suggested time scheme. We can even offer you a weekend training if thatĀ“s what you want. This could be a chance to get to know our institute. Please call   0201 23 14 20   or write to:
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